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Hi- I've had my tomatoes outside for a couple weeks now and just noticed that two of the plants have yellow/brown spots on the tops of the lower leaves. Any advice? Thanks, Heather

Bit early to be planted outside to me-you dont give a location on your profile-but even so-probably too much of a shock

Outside Tomato's go out late May early June depending on whether you live North or South of Watford Gap.
I live on the North East Coast so never bother to put them out until late June that is if we get any summer.
We have had some cold wet nights all over the British Isles and it will cause problems if you put things out too early.
You could put some fleece over them late evening and probably some thing to shelter them from cold winds, a shrub in a pot will do nicely, leave them now though and they will recover if we have some good weather.
Bit late to sow more seed although some of the garden Centres may have a few left on the bargain shelves.



Heather, there seems to be a problem with the size of photos uploaded to this site. Can you take much closer shots of those leaves? From what I can see, it looks like a fungal disease problem.


Thanks for helping- are these any better?  A colleague has also suggested a potential magnesium deficiency...




Heather, still not easy to see. Seems the site is having problems dealing with images. Anyway, it's a closer look and, yes, it could be a magnesium deficiency.

Have you been feeding the plant? Tomato fertiliser is usually high in potassium which can interfere with the plant absorbing magnesium. If you have been feeding it, stop for a while. Good old Epsom Salts is the best source of a dose of magnesium. Before you water next time, sprinkle a couple of tsps of ES onto the soil, scratch it in gently, then water well. If things improve, that was the problem. And I'd leave off fertilising it for a while.

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