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Has anyone used B&Q verve peat free compost and how was the growth performance Cogie
chilli lover

Yes, used it last year and have some more this year. It's been absolutely fine for me but other folk have not had good experiences I believe. Try a bag and see? I've also recently got some Lidl seed compost and it is lovely stuff at a lovely price


I won't even be touching the stuff, let alone be buying it.  I use Humax.


i also have used the b&q one and was also fine for what i wanted it for and i would buy it again

I have recently bought morisons own, it was discusting, i have put it on the garden for a soil improver,
I have taken brums advise and bougt 4 bags of erin exel for 18.00 and it really is excelent. I shall be using this from now on.
I did try the verve, damp heavy and went mouldy on the top of pots even without watering it, had lots of hard lumps in it and bits of stick. Wouldnt buy it again, i thought it was nice at the beginning, then i saw how it progressed,



Arthur Bowers multi-purpose is rubbish this year. It is  about 50percent shredded bark and pieces of plastic. I took up an offer of 5 bags for £15 and it was utterly disgraceful the kind of stuff in the bags. I am going to use it as mulch when the weather improves. total waste of cash.


I've never seen Humax in any of my local centres - loads of the other crap. But my allotment shop stocks it and is very popular amongst us gardeners.

Here's a link to a stockiest I've found online.

I'm off to the garden soon and I'll checkout which type I have. Although I'm almost sure its multi and I gets used for sowing right to filling baskets/pots.

I'll take some pics of it's consistency and content - it's good stuff !! 


Third comment down Brumbull

marshmello wrote (see)

I won't even be touching the stuff, let alone be buying it.  I use Humax.


Agree with you on the liddle seed compost £1.50 for 20 litres i am very pleased with it. Its good stuff.


How do a get rid of my  woodlice and slugs my garden is plaque with them


Absolutely Brumbull - when you've spent a lot of money on nice seeds, the last thing you want to do is sow em in crap compost. I pay only £4.50 for a 60 ltr bag, so it's not badly priced...well not for me.

As promised - I had two different sorts - the visuals say it all. 




I buy it from the Allotment Association Shop - on site, where my allotment is located. I just got sick of the rubbish that garden centres sold, so decided to give this a go. Never regretted the move. Its fine. 

COGIE wrote (see)
Has anyone used B&Q verve peat free compost and how was the growth performance Cogie

..early days but so far I'm rather surprised at the result as all my tomato seeds have germinated in it and growing strongly, lovely little seedlings, including one - 'Suncherry' that I've had problems before with other composts... so despite my horror at seeing it initially - all a bit woody and lumpy - I shall keep going with it for now.


This year instead of using the same old, same old I bought a small bag of miracle grow seed and potting compost and I have to say it was brilliant, my seedlings are very strong and have really good roots on them.

One draw back is that the compost is very dark and it's not always obvious if they need watering or not.

The seedlings haven't bolted either it's as if all their energy has gone in to growing a good root system - I'll be buying another bag next year!




I've done OK with Verve for seeds and pots but agree it doesn't seem to last well in pots so I'm going to go for something better now as I've got a lot of things to pot on and don't want to be wasting water (or time).

So thanx for the tips for Humax & Erin's Excel


Just been on the interhort website and the HUmax produacts all say peat based.  Can't find Erin's Excel anywhere :S

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