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Well folks I've just found my way here as my favourite site for gardening queries has closed down while I was away on holiday. I'm still finding my way around so please bear with me.

 Does anyone have any tips to encourage African Violets into flower?

Rob Stevens

I repotted mine into a larger pot with fresh compost, keep it on a windowsill which is bright but without direct sun, and water about once a week and it flowers constantly. Remember to keep deadheading it to keep it going.

Thanks Rob, sounds pretty straight forward. I think it's probably the position that's the problem.


I would like to build a collection of African Violets, but know very little about them.  Can they be over wintered in a  greenhouse?


I think my mum and her pal used to grow and propogate these with great success. I'll ask and get back to you.

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