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The majority of agapanthus are not evergreen and the leaves die off in the winter.  If yours did this but you've not got any new ones appearing by now I suspect that a combination of the cold and wet has killed it off   If you get another try keeping it in a pot (they flower better if their roots are restricted anyway) and then you can move it to a dryer more sheltered spot in the winter.  Good luck.

The root stock looks fine and green but it hasn't thrown up any leaves so far this year.and where the leaves died off it looks mushy.


Ok, it may be alive then but mushy doesn't sound good - is it in a pot?  If so I'd put it somewhere out of the rain and in the sun for a bit and see if that helps - I'd also buy another one ... or three 

Thank you Dovefromabove. That's my job for today sorted

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