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"A fifth of British gardeners have thrown snails over their neighbour's fence, according to a survey.

Some 22% of people questioned for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said they had tossed a snail into their neighbour's garden, compared with 78% who said they had not.

Londoners were the worst culprits, with 30% admitting they had done it.

Gardeners in Scotland were least likely, where 14% admitted they had thrown a snail over a garden fence................." 

Are you guilty? 


More slugs than snails here but I toss them in the pond or in the road depending on which is nearer.

We have arable crops behind and to one side and pasture to the other side so they'd just come straight back to my juicy treasures if I lobbed them over the fence.

star gaze lily

Lol!! I do Dove. In  fact the other day whilst digging over a corner, there were 5 or 6 snails, all of which went flying over to next door!! 


I was outside listening to the radio when they had it on the news - made me laugh! 

I have to admit it - yes - but they go out on the road not my neighbour's garden!


Orchid Lady has been known, especially after having a go at my little man the other day  A few beetles may also have found their way over the fence, don't know if they were Lily beetles but they had a flying lesson anyway 


I have just been listening to the allotment man on R2 and he said you shouldn't do it as they have a homing instinct and will find their way back, apparently you should take then at least a mile who do I know that lives about a mile away (ref Forkers thread conversation this week )


The RHS did tests - painted marks on shells and then waited to see if any came back.  They all head home, admittedly at snail's pace, but they like home best.


No never - that's naughty.


Over the back fence - well it isn't a home. Done some this morning

me london

Yes, more over the fence onto a garden path that runs along the back.. found a pesky one that was causing damage in my greenhouse this week! My father in law is terrible, he made himself a catapult especially for the snails in his garden (he has thousands) and flings em away with that. They go miles....


No snails where we are but daughter has loads or rather the field beyond does,  they all finish up there,....maybe that's where they came from in the first place, she's just rehoming them!

Steve 309

They need to go at least 100 yards away otherwise they come home again.  The BBC's Amateur Scientist of the Year a year or two back did the experiment.



Not many snails here but zillions of slugs and they stick to your fingers - yuk.

Snail Flinging and homing instincts............I experimented with Nail Polish on snail shells some 25 plus years ago...........obviously the RHS and BBC are somewhat behind the times

And yes.......most do eventually plod home ( tho unfortunately I've long since lost my notes as to the distance they will travel ).


Orchid Lady

Uurgghhhh........I'm leaving this thread now, those that know me will know why 

Busy Bee2

No, I just chuck them down the paddock.  Although I will admit to 'returning' cat poo.  After all, they feed and water and tend for the wretched cat, only fair that they should reap the harvest.