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Sian Evans

My globe alliums have all grown fine this year and are now in full bloom. However, 1 of the blooms has strange little white lumps in the flower head. The are quite hard and look a bit like tiny bulbs. Any ideas? My son picked the flower so I don't know if they would've grown any bigger but there are 6 of them in total and just one the 1 bloom.  


Some alliums do produce mini-bulbs on the head instead of seeds - the tree onion is one.  I'm not sure why it sometimes happens to other alliums - maybe they all have the genes to propagate themselves that way, but they are not usually triggered.  It once happened to a garlic I let go to flower.


Yes, the odd one does do this bulb in the flower production - I have never done anything with them except marvel at their interesting looks, maybe if I get some this year I shoud try and plant them?   Could take a very long time before getting anything useful, but that is OK. 

my aliums completley flooped before flowering and have now wilted and died, any idea to reason?

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