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Ive found myself the proud owner of an allotment and have just spent a few days getting it cleared of tall weeds. But what next, I've been told to spray weedkiller then cover with some weed matting, or do I just cover first. It's a large plot and I really want to get it up and running, any help would be much appreciated.


No expert

Ally2 thgere is another Allotment tread on Talkback, join in the discussion there and read what solutions are given.


I bumped up the other allotment thread for you

WOW Gardengirl the first link is an new allotmteers dream .

I've found inspiration though from the rickvanman site.


Hi ally2 how about clear a area grow veg and then clear some more areas then the ones that you have cleared just go over them with a how to keep the weeds down 

There is also a method Alys Flower does on her allotment called lasagne gardening about 6 minutes in on the video where she uses cardboard horse muck and few bits more to help keep the weeds away with no digging

Thanks for all the advice, I will give the links a look. Been up today and have dug out a far size area, with some help. I suppose I just have to keep at it, little by little I will get some results.

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