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Hi, Does anyone know if it is it ok to sow Altroemeria seeds now. I have two pots full of these beautiful plants that were given to me and I would like to grow some from seed,  


Thank you geoff for your reply. I have read the Thompson & Morgan link, I do like a challenge but it does seem rather a long winded way of getting them germinate. If I do manage to catch some seeds I maybe tempted, I'll let you know. 

I collected seed last year from T & Ms pink and purple collection. In January I put them dry in a sealed bag into the fridge for 3-4 weeks. They were then sown in normal compost in my propagator in the kitcen. I now have 10 - 12 seedlings germinated. I think I will have to try and pot on the strongest and try to leave the rest to see if any more germinate. I can't wait to see what sort of colour range I will get!!!!!

Saved and sowed seeds 3 years ago from a nice flowered plant, good germination and the plants grew on, most flowered last year, they were like peas in a pod, all washed out pinky white coloured flowers, so they went into the compost heap!


Oh well - we all live in hope of finding one very special seedling. Isn't that one of the "joys" of gardening.

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