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Hi there, I planted out three containers of this Anemone in late Spring this year. Two containers are next to each other and the third one is in a different part of the garden. They all have the exact same well draining soil in all three containers and similar amounts of sun/shade. The anemones in all three containers have been thriving and flowering like crazy with lots of healthy green foliage in all three containers however, two of the containers (the ones next to each other) appear to have contracted some sort of disease. The leaves have brown marks on them (I'm guessing rust?) and have started to die back. The other container is still going strong, full of healthy green leaves and lots of flowers. Can anything be done to save my anemones? Is this rust or something else? Sorry for all the questions - I'm new to this forum and am desperate to save my plants! Hope you can help. Location is North London. Happy to provide more info/photos of plants if required. Many thanks

Hi GG, welcome

Some photos would help I'm sure, Upload starts from the tree in the tool bar

Thanks for replying so quickly and for photo upload guidance 


Trying to upload three photos...






Hello again, just wondering if anyone might know what's causing this problem? Grateful for any advice. Thanks

You did say they'd flowered didn't you?

I wonder if they're just dying back. It's what happens to bulbs and corms after flowering,  I don't grow these so can't be more definite


Thanks for your comments
Feed them every two weeks so don't think it's that
I did wonder if they were dying back but am not fully convinced as I planted all three pots the exact same day and only the two pots directly next to each other are showing these symptoms The third pot is still very healthy and flowering like crazy!
I've been googling possible causes but haven't had much joy - Whilst it's not common, it could be a strain of rust, so I've picked up some Bayer Fungus Fighter and will commence treatment this evening! I figure I can't make thinks much worse!! Failing that, I will have to accept that they have indeed finished flowering for this year and wait to see if they return next year!
Thanks again for taking the time to help me - very much appreciate it

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