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The anemone's that I planted last year don't look like they're going to flower.  They grew a little bit but then got strangled with wild garlic and also drowned in all the winter rain. 

I see that I can still buy bulbs.  If I plant them now, as in the middle of April do you think they'll grow and flower this year?  Or, as an alternative, is it possible to buy them as plants?  But, I can't find anyone who sells these.




If you buy some and stick them in pots somewhere quiet for now they should be fine for next year. Unlikely to flower this year from bulbs I'd think, but who knows. Some of the garden centres and the well known DIY stores might have some in pots Charley. I've seen quite a few recently.

Ooh, where have you seen them Fairygirl?  We're on the IOM and I've tried B&Q here and other garden centres but I'll be in Lancaster early next week so could maybe pick up something then?


I saw some in pots at the Norwich Notcutts last week, so they're definitely about 

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