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Orchid Lady

Last one for now, can anyone tell me what my very pretty tree is please?


Victoria Sponge

I don't know but I really like that mix of (I think) hydrangeas next to the path

Is it a Cornus? White 4 petal flowers that turn pink? 


I think it's a philadelphus

I thought philadelphus at first, but it looks like the flowers have dark centres, so now i think cornus, love that plant



What's it smell like?

Philadelphus is strongly scented. 

Climb up the tree OL and take a close up!

Good idea re the business Mike but we might both be due some retirement now.


Orchid Lady


So after me climbing up the tree to get this you know what it is??  

Glad to see you have your sense of humour back Mike  Did you see the promised wedding pics on the Forkers thread? 

Thanks everyone. 

Victoria, yes they are Hydrangeas, not mine unfortunately as I love Hydrangeas but I still have the pleasure of looking at them when I go out every day  

Orchid Lady

Pruning info......"As soon as the shrub had finished flowering, cut out all of the stems which have just flowered. Prune them back to around a third of their length. They will soon start to produce new stems which will provide the flowering stems for next year. Do not just prune little bits off the end. Prune right back into the bush."

Really??? I don't think it's meant to grow as big as it is, although they say they can grow to 6m.......and it's not a tree it's a shrub, everyday's a school day LOL!

Orchid Lady

Today I pruned the Philadelphus, 2 trips to the tip in an Audi estate which was FULL of branches etc!!!  I'm hoping for more growth and flowers at the bottom now next summer 


I'm sure it will do its thing for you OL

Orchid Lady

I hope so, we took about 2' off the top and cut out all the dead wood from the sides an pd as far up as I could reach 

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