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Hello again

Does anyone know if the attached photos are a weed?


Thank you





towards the weedier end of geraniums Cat. It's a weed unless you like it enough to keep it

Thank you it looks quite nice but my borders have gone a little crazy and look crowded so if its a weed it going!

Thank you again

Green Magpie

I have some clumps of this in a wild part of the garden. I have pulled most of it out but left a bit where it looks pretty. I'm sure it'll be back next year wahtever I do, but it's easy to pull up and not a real nasty like ground elder or bindweed.

If I had more space I would probably try to replant it somewhere but at the moment less is more -  Or could I put some in a pot just in case I find space in teh future ;)




Green Magpie

It's quite shallow-rooted and top-heavy so I don't think it would replant easily. If you don't want to get rid of it entirely, leave a small bit, which will probably seed itself and reappear next year.

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