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Andy Cross

I have a 10 year old maple that last year lost all its leaves by mid June on closer inspection I noticed ants carrying aphids up the trunk. my question is how do I stop them? I have put a tar-band round the trunk but they still seem to be able to get up to the branches! Can I paint the trunk to stop them  (like in Turkey)

Alina W

I'm not sure what kind of paint you have in mind, but the simple solution is a wide, thick band of vaseline - the ants get stuck in it and get no further.

Place some of those ant traps around base of tree. Kills the ants, no aphid problem. I find the ready made ant traps work best, not the ones that you have to remember to fill yourself. I place my ant traps all around the garden in April, and no longer have a problem. I used to have horrendous problems with ants setting up home in the lawn.

I've used the vaseline band in previous years and it's worked a treat but ants are clever little blighters and if there's any touching plants near by they'll take this route up your maple.

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