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Will they damage the Bay?

If so what is the best way to get rid of them.


They can damage it by making tunnels and moving compost away from the roots. Give it a good water and after a few hours knock it out i'ts pot and leave it it shade for an hour. Ants don't like to be disturbed and will move.

Failing that - buy a container of ant powder and encircle the pot with it.


I stand the pot onsome ant killer so they get into it when they come out of the pot but nothing else does

Thank you, will give both a try

If not done so already, stand the pot on something to get it off the ground/patio.  Old bricks will do.  If I leave pots on my patio, the ants bury up from the joins in between the block paving and see the entrance to the pot as a new world to conquer and then inhabit.  Also, if you give the pot a really good soaking that can sometimes be enough to make them move on.  They don't like being waterlogged.

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