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hi, i have an 6year old apple tree that has just started to leaf (late i know),There are no aphids on it yet but there are lots of ants crawling over it, i can not see any damage being caused.Are they going to cause a problem so i will need to grease the base of the tree or should i leave them alone ? any advice would be gratefull, andy



flowering rose

you will need to do  a grease band to stop the ants from use your tree to farm aphids. I   put a rag soaked in veg oil around it that's stops the ants and anything else .

rags wrapped round the trunk then coat with vasaline works for me.

I used a ring of vaseline round the bottom of a cherry blossom to stop ants farming aphids. It worked for a while until the ants started by passing the vaseline ring on plants which were growing close by. Cut back any plants at the base of the tree or touch it, ants can be very determined critters.

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