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Just a waterlogged lawn here, strangely the wind has not even pulled that many stcks and rotten branches from the oak, which it usually does.

Hope everyone's clean up goes OK, thinking of you 


I think it skirted us down in S. Wales - luckily.

Here in the Chilterns I heard nothing this morning, not even rain against the windows!

As I live 400 feet above sea level, I normally expect to get a bit more of a buffeting than those down in the Thames Valley - thankful we got off scot-free, but commiserations to all of you who suffered any damage or disruption.

chicky wrote (see)

Seems there are several trees down across roads around here - OH just took a very circuitous route to work.  Luckily no-one hurt here - others have had it worse.  Terrible thing wind - scares me silly.

Nut - if you see Dove this morning give her big hugs from me !

Gratefully received 

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