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Just wondered if any of you have lost pots, furniture or greenhouses in the storms during the night.


Lost one panel of trellis here in Surrey - but not out of the woods yet !

Stacey Docherty

I am ok too pheewwww. Wind got v strong at 5 am and lo plastic picnic table blew away into the herb bed... No herbs damaged thank heavens


Just had a look on another thread and trifid house has lost a greenhouse door last night. Not sure where they are though. 


Haven't been out yet but can't see anything serious from here.


we've only had one small bin overturned and it has rained. I think it passed us by. I am on the S. Wales coast


All OK here (Glos/Hrfd/Welsh border) Need to go from Wales over to England across the River Severn today and one of the Severn Bridges still closed at the moment. 


No more rain or wind here than in any normal Autumn.


It's been blowinghard here in central Belgium for 2 days - very bad for sleeping as my bedroom is at the west end of the house and gets all the noise. 

The only reason my trellis fence between the veggies and the garden is still up is because it's still tied up like a trussed turkey after the big storm in July which nearly flattened it.   It'll be getting new concrete boots for the posts when all the vegetation dies down either side and we can get to them.

Haven't yet been out to check the greenhouse which was also damaged in that storm but no new trees down so far.   The paddock across the road is flooding nicely.

I hope it doesn't get any worse and that there's not too much damage in the main path of the storm across England.



I can see blue sky on the horizon 30mm of rain and a considerable amount down the chimney and on the sitting room floor. New chimney liner a few weeks ago so no soot to soak up the water. I'm not houseproud, as soon as it dries I'll forget it. Garden damage will be assessed as soon as that blue gets here.

The potty gardener

I'm not at home but just seen lots of pics of trees down in Sussex. Just keeping my fingers crossed I don't have a nasty shock when I get home. Thanks to Chicky I got my pots taken off gateposts

Stacey Docherty

Good job potty..... I just did a quick check and it wasn't till I was sat drinking my coffee I noticed someone's smalls flapping in a branch of my plum tree lol made me laugh so hard I'm leaving them there!!!! ( well I don't know if they are clean! And who's they are!)

Pottie Pam

Hope not too much damage for you all.

All fine in Cornwall although they are already forcasting another storm this weekend.

So sad about the teenager going missing in the sea at Newhaven.


Seems there are several trees down across roads around here - OH just took a very circuitous route to work.  Luckily no-one hurt here - others have had it worse.  Terrible thing wind - scares me silly.

Nut - if you see Dove this morning give her big hugs from me !

flowering rose

lots of rain ,nothing really damaged so far ,fingers crossed,but its just started here with out the wind.



just a few sticks ans a wet mess but nothing serious out there.

I'll pass that on chicky. No messages so assume she's still coming. It wasn't that bad in this area, I should think you had far worse. It terrifies me as well


Everything is fine here. Just tied my mini greenhouse to the fence so hopefully it shouldnt blow away. 

Felt my house shift in the early hours which was slightly unnerving, however garden all ok apart from stressed looking clematis, everything else seems ok (I jammed up all pots, furniture and misc items against walls and fences).


 Essex - Seat in my avatar blew over but undamaged, now righted. A lot of debris off my willow tree and next door's pine - I'm drowning in pine needles! Other than that no real damage.

 A lot of mess cleared up, sun's out now and I'm catching up online before enjoying a well earned cup of tea on aforementioned seat!



Just a waterlogged lawn here, strangely the wind has not even pulled that many stcks and rotten branches from the oak, which it usually does.

Hope everyone's clean up goes OK, thinking of you