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Oakley Witch

Sorry its wonky. I only just found I can put picsvup on my phone 

This is in my best pals garden but neither of us know what it is. Can anyone help?



We might if in factt here was a picture!! Try again, maybe next time the picture will arrive.  

Oakley Witch

Ohhh bugger  I guess I cant do it from my phone. I will put it up when I get back. Thankyou Bookertoo 


Tee hee!   We'll wait with baited breath 

Wot u like Oakley?  Look forward to,the picture later then!


Oakley Witch


 Ok. THIS is what I need identifimicated please 


Is that a recent picture or earlier on in the season?


What ever that is, and I also suspect a very miserable wisteria, it is in a state of despair!  Do you wnat to revive it? 

Oakley Witch

This was taken back in the beginning of last month. Its pretty big now but she says its never flowered? It grows at the side of the house. She has only been there 3 years. Is there anything she can do to encourage flowering?

Yes Bookertoo, we desperately want it to be revived 


Don't know much about Wisteria, but from what I've learned on here,  a pruning issue & maybe feeding. Do know that unless bought when already old enough to flower it can take a good few years.

I so wish I had somewhere to grow Wisteria.

Oakley Witch

Me too Kef, Im hoping I may get a cutting lol, would cover the bike lock up brilliantly


yes it is a wisteria and if you wish it to flower next year the secret is in the cutting back which needs to be in two stages. The first stage is about now " July" when all new side growth needs to be cut back to approx two or three leaf nods. Stage two is a further cut back to approx one or two leaf nods in Feb  the following year before any growth really starts and you should find that on each of the points that you have trimmed that a flower stem will appear. Continue training the main stem in whatever direction you want for as far as you want and within a few years you will have a mass of mouve cascading flowers from April till may and poss a little longer. 

Oakley Witch

Thats great Tom. Thankyou for the advice. I will be up there tomorrow so will let her know and get started 


Just to put a possible downer on this, if it was grown from seed and not grafted, it can take a decade or more to flower.  Have a look at the base of the stem and try and see if you can find a graft.  The pruning Tom mentions is also essential, regardless.

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