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I'm once again trying to identify this plant hoping that its not a weed. I had been nurturing Fathen for a few months thinking that it was something else. us only plant edible things such as herbs and peppers and even successfully sugar snap peas. As I only have balcony troughs and the birds get at them before the sprout. This one I am hoping is onset ingot something and not something a bird has planted again for me.



looks like a shrub seedling janey. I thought it was a cotoneaster but when I enlarged it I thought it wasn't

It doesn't look like any herb or veg that I know

Oh dear maybe another weed that the birds have brought me. Could it be cayenne pepper?

It does look like a shrub. With those lanceolate leaves it could be a Viburnum Lantana which is native in UK and is planted (sorry!) by birds.

It's just possible that it's a loquat Eriobotrya japonica which does have juicy fruit but it has seeds the size of a marble so is not dispersed by wind or birds. It takes any form, from a six-foot shrub to a sixty-foot tree and is normally native to China and Japan, but there are some growing cultivated and wild in London, and the fruit is widely available in smaller stores or street markets.

But, in truth, I have no idea.  


I've never grown cayenne pepper but it doesn't look anything like the pepper and chilli plants that I have grown



no it's not comphrey. I know the seedlingsof comphrey too well


..looks like a Buddleia davidii seedling to me... type Buddleia seedlings into Google and you'll see one just like that...

Thanks everyone...I'll look up what you all say. I think I'll see what happens over the next few weeks


Looks like buddleia but I'll keep you posted....this site is brilliant!


all the best brains on this forum Janey

Looks like a seedling of a Horsechestnut to me. Have a gentle dig underneath to see if there is a conker attached to it.


Not a horse chestnut I don't think. they have leaflets spread out like fingers even when young, It must be still growing janey, update the pics every week or so as it matures

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