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I bought these as plug plants a while ago and now I've lost the label. Can anyone identify them for me please?


They look like violas molene 


Scabiosa.  Several suppliers were selling "Blue jeans" this year - I have some too.



I'd say scabiosa, they have that slightly muddled arrangement of leaves in the rosette


Oh lovely. I love scabious -although they haven't been too successful in my garden before. I have very light sandy soil.

Molene, add some compost or goodness to the soil before plantIng your scabious.  Good feeding equals good flowering with them

Gardening Grandma

Hope you do well, Molene. You look as if you are 27, like me (and most other posters on this forum, it seems). I planted quite a few scabious last year and appear to have lost the lot, so I hope you do better than me!

Thanks G.G. and Verdun ,
I will put some compost in the ground before planting out. Yes I agree, G.G. that most on the forum are over 27(at least) . Monty Don(in the latest Gardeners World Mag) was bewailing the fact that few young people are interested in gardening or taking up horticulture as a career.
Sorry you lost your Scabious ,Verdun. I hope I do better this time but it may be that they are just not suitable for my garden.

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