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green fingered finch

Please can someone tell me the name of this plant? It flowers in late summer (still some flowers now in fact) and is really pretty. It grows to around 18inch and the flowers don't last all that long. The stems tend to fall over, if that's any help!




Saponaria officionalis, Soapwort, Bouncing Bet - spreading like mad from our neighbour's garden!  I've seen roadside verges totally overtaken by it!  Pretty if you like it and if it stays where it's put.

Traditionally used in the manufacture of soaps as it produces a lather in water.  Can be toxic if too much is  eaten, nevertheless it is an ingredient in the production of halva. 


Meant to say, attracts lots of pollinating insects. 

green fingered finch

Gosh, I never realised it was something so common. Thank you so much Dove, really appreciated



Looks like the one sold as S.o.Flora-plena rosea. Another one of those appalling thug plants. It was here when we moved 18 years ago and despite every effort it is still here and choking every plant around it.


it comes up through one of those variegated euonymus, the yellow one. They don't suit each other at all but it doesn't give in easily


Next door's creeps under their fence onto The Shady Bank 

I didnt know the name of this until now. Put some in my garden a couple of years ago (from someones plant stall) and yes it is a thug. But such a pretty thug that I argue with myself each year how much to pull up

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