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Unfortunately when I saw this funds did not allow a dabble in these plants to see if they work.  Now I cannot find them advertised on any of the books coming in Does anyone know what I am looking for?


The most effective way to keep cats off your garden is a water scarecrow.  Google for info and suppliers.  It is efficient and safe and won't get you in trouble with the law or cat owners.  You just need to make sure you relocate the sensors regularly so teh cats don't learn to avoid them.

Other than having your own dog on permanent 24/7 patrol, nothing else works so well - not plants, not chemicals, not barriers.

Mark 499

Those plants are a waste of money our cat would sit right next to them.


Mark is right, they do not work!.


Try citrus peel 

An aerosil sized device is available that stands on the ground called 'ssscat' , marketed by Innotek is available online. It is basically a canister of compressed air with a sensor mounted on top of the can, so no toxic chemicals.  As the cat comes near, it gets a blast of harmless compressed air. It soon learns to keep way! Our daughter uses them to control the movement of her cats.

That's the plant I was looking for.  I will try anything since I have the cat loo for the street

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