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the leaves on our young apple tree are starting to curl up, and we think it's because of aphids - loads of tiny black insects are covering the underside of the leaves! does anyone have any advice on what to do? is there a quick solution? - we're worried about the tree dying.
i've heard you can buy some lavae over the internet which will eat the aphids - does anyone have experience of this?


If the apple tree is still small  and they are only on the new leaves, you can just wipe off the aphids or blackfly with your finger and thumb.  I did that when my tree was a baby and it was OK.


Helen5- don't go buying any larvae or anything like that over the Internet-in your garden are larvae that will do the same job .

Do what KG says -if it is really bad remove the odd badly-infested leaf but also there are plenty of sprays you can that will solve the problem-it is quite common and nothing much to worry about as it can be dealt with quite easily.

The tree won'r die

ok thanks, i will try that. although it's quite a small tree it's already got to the stage where 60% of the leaves are affected. i'll take off some leaves and keep spraying the others...

thanks for your advice

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