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green fingered finch

Our apple tree (don't ask me what it is, all I know is that its cooking apple) has started to get some die back on some of the branches. It seems to be spread randomly throughout the tree. It started after the blossom finished so I was wondering if it was blossom wilt? Or could it be fireblight? Whatever it is, what on earth do I do about it? It seems impossible to prune it all out of the tree as it is so random and not always at the end of a branch but in the middle. Also I couldn't reach the top of the tree! No idea if this tree as had it before as have only recently inherited it, so to speak 




Hi green fingered finch

I suspect your tree has fireblight.

My crab apple tree went completely brown last summer due to fireblight.

It looked really good in the spring this year and was covered in blossom, but now it has dead clumps of leaves again that look just like your photo. I think the fireblight is back. I knew my tree was probably living on borrowed time.


Looking at the tree in general which looks in good shape I wouldn't suspect fireblight, but as you first suggested blossom wilt.


For both blossom wilt and fireblight you would need to remove the infected parts, with blossom wilt you remove the infected spurs, with fireblight it's more extreme pruning, but I don't think it's fireblight.


green fingered finch

Thanks Digger. Blossom wilt is what I guessed at. Looks like I have my weekend work cut out then  


green fingered finch

Sorry to be really thick (I really am a novice)  but what do you mean by 'spur'? Is that the whole thin branch bit? Also will it cause any damage to the tree doing this in summer? 

No need for the embarrassed smiley, this is one of the reasons the forum's here for 

Don't take whole branches out, just the bits that had flowers on them (which are now dead). Although it's too early for proper summer pruning, which is done towards the back end of the summer, it won't harm the tree at all. 

green fingered finch

Thank you! Did most of it last night. Just a few stragglers left that we can't reach. Tree looks much better. Really appreciate the advice 

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