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10/09/2013 at 13:12
Possibly I just got a weird hybrid here, and possibly it's in deficient soil or it caught a dose of something nasty sprayed on the other side of the fence. I don't know. It's just had white leaves on the new growth the whole time. By "the whole time," I mean years, so it's not dying of glyphosate right now. It's just ... white. Nothing else growing there has any trouble. It's between an elder running rampant and a winter honeysuckle that I grew by cutting off a two-foot stem, stripping the bark from the bottom 2 inches and shoving it a foot deep into the soil, so I don't think it's a soil problem.

 You can see the rich green of the lilies around it in both pictures for contrast.


10/09/2013 at 14:11

Did you buy it as a grafted tree, Charlie, or was it grown from seed?  If it is a grafted tree, it does have some green in it so it looks like a soil nutrient deficiency.  As you say, the other plants nearby look healthy though.  Fruit trees don't like competition near their roots though and do need regular feeding.  I'd remove all plants with 0.5 metres and give it a general feed with something which states it also contains trace nutrients in case it is one of the rarer deficiencies.

10/09/2013 at 18:34

Thanks. I think I should get some 1cm tubing to shove into the ground around some of my plants to I can pour food down to their deep roots rather than feeding the surface.

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3 messages