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I am looking for an Apple tree that would be suitable to grow in very hot weather conditions eg Gambia----West Africa,

i asked the supermarket grocery man why Pink Lady apples which are superb cost so much in the UK he said because they will only grow in hot countries maybe this might be one and they are very very nice apples 

Good luck Alan4711

Well all i can say is Thank you very much,
My need to know is,I visit The Gambia at least once/twice a year, Although they grow many types of fruit.... Banana,Pineapple,Papya , Orange,Lemon, etc but NO Apples,so the only Apples some of the people have tried are imported ones and as one of the poorest countries in Africa,not available to many, if i could take a few suitable trees out next time, may make the' smiling coast 'smile even more.
chilli lover

That's a lovely thought holedigger but it just might not be viable. I wouldn't expect to grow bananas in Hampshire so maybe apples are just a no-no in the Gambia!


Susan Bradley

In the Central Valley of California temps can get up to past 100 degrees F during the summer.  Fuji and Pink lady apples both handle the heat very well.  The key many times is the root stock selected to support the tree.  You may want to contat Dave Wilson Nursery in California to see what they would recommend.


Hi holidigger, long time ago I live in The Gambia for 2years ("boat on the river"). The problem is the fact that an appletree need a long time of cold weather to blooming. But you can reed THIS article for some tricks. Good luck, ThaiGer.

Thank you Susan,and ThaiGer, it is really quite something when you ask for advice on a rather strange topic and people like you take the time to answer, with some really good advice. I will let you know how i get on, so once again thank you.

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