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I have lots of arconites in my flower beds.

I have tried to dig them out last year but they always come back. What would be the best way to eliminate them?

Is there any special ( insectfriendly) weed killer?

Although I don't like weed killers - I just can't be digging for days and days....

Please help..............


I should think if you never let them seed and dig them up they'd give in. 

They are aconites are they? not celendines which are a  lot more persistant


Lucky you!  I've been trying to grow these en masse for years - funny how ones persons joy is another persons 'get rid of' plant.  How are lily of the valley with you? Almost a weed here. 


I am bugged with celandine, it drives me mad and if you leave one little bulblet in, next year they are up again.

I have recently been out with a pot of glysophate and a paint  brush, hope it works, nothing happened yet!

I cant grow lily of the valley, put in never seen again, even in a tub.


Like nut. says I think you might have celandines, as I find aconites very easy to remove if they seed in the wrong places. Bookertoo, I struggled for years to get aconites to grow but eventually they succeeded in some parts of the garden.


OOPs, they might be celandines.... so no solution??????????

I would love Lilly of the valley....


This is the first year any aconites have come up - not many but by my standards a miracle.

Lily of the valley has managed to transfer to the lower beds in the garden, where I have never planted it - guess it is the birds as with snow drops.   All fine by me. 

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