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Hi Everyone, The vast majority of the stems on my shallots have turned yellowish, and are dying off. Do they need to be pulled? The clumps do not appear to be huge, but as I have never grown them before, I'm not sure whether to pull them up. I think they have gone as far as they are gonna go.

Yes, they sound ready, Bob. Harvest them carefully by loosening underneath them with a fork and lifting carefully; gently brush most of the soil off and lay them out in the sun (!) to dry out. I spread them out, not touching each other, on a home-made chicken wire tray or one of those slatted wooden boxes, so that the air can circulate round them and quicken the drying process. The rest of the soil can be rubbed off when it is dry.


Thanks Joe, I will remove them when the 'deluge' has passed. I will probably hang them up in my garage though, facing the sun, that's when we finally get some. 

I pulled all mine today, not particularly big in size, and rather sodden. I think our wonderful summer has held them back. Don't think it will be too long before my red onions go the same way. 

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