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I found these under an old planet pot not used for a few years. I want to know if they are leopard slugs or do I need to kill them now?  


I've done good lope image search and it looks like it but I wasn't suryoung certain young slugs look like this. 

* sure if certain. This site randomly changes correctly spelt words when I'm on my iPhone! 



Regardless of what type of slug it is, it will eat your plants, so kill it!

The potty gardener

I didn't realise any slugs were useful. Will have to look out for these


We have lots of the the orange version of the huge black ones  They get amorous on our lawn on damp mornings in the summer - we leave them alone as they also eat little slugs - they only vegetable matter when it is decaying.  We have no damage on our hostas or on our delphiniums 

I'm still crossing my fingers tho' 

flowering rose

they are like the ones that came into the kitchen via a damp opening in the wall.They are very light with spots like a tiger and I don't know if they are good for the gardenbut are good for wildlife to eat,. but they certainly like dog food.Have to be careful as someone pointed out about some lung disease they care to dogs,don't know if that's true.


If they are leopard slugs, I usually spared them because they mainly seemed to graze on moss.  They grow pretty long!

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