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Looking forward to seeing a pick of the honeysuckle happily growing up the fence 


Going to need an axe to shift that stump. A saw just isn't cutting it (Literally)

Ive scored it and cut off as many roots as I could find in the hope it will just die eventually

I have planted Honeysuckle Serotina but its not climbing yet as I had to plant it a bit further from the fence due to the concrete underneath it

I'm sure it will find its own way up there very soon



 Thats the Honeysuckle and thats what is left of the stump after I was let loose with an axe today


good going matt.. you can let loose with your anger on it with an axe.. it is great for getting the stress outdone.. it will look great when it gets growing up over the fence...



Finally got that ash stump out! I covered it with a bucket and it died over the winter of last year. We had to dig the line out today so I thought I'd see if I could get it out.

SUCCESS! It comes out with 1 swing of the pickaxe.

I ripped out the honeysuckle but its for a good cause as my 1st greenhouse is going there!!

I'll post another photo tomorrow 


Well done Matt! Can you come up here and get the stump out of my garden now?  I'm not as young as I used to be 


Hurrah!!!  Give the man a pint!!!


 Thanks for letting us know! 

Show us a pic of the greenhouse when it's up, and tell us your plans for it 

hollie hock

Brilliantgreen house sounds very exciting

Greenhouse should encourage any remaining growth from the ash nicely.


Just kidding - I hope!


 That is where the ash stump was

 and thats where the greenhouse is going to be

We had to wrestle with 4 concrete fence posts that had been left in over time. 2 of which were over a foot deep and extremely huge.


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