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Being new to gardening (and very enthusiastic!) I have been trying out lots of different vegetable plants.  A few weeks ago, I planted some asparagus seeds, perhaps a little foolishly.  Some of these germinated and are now about 5 inches high with some ferny leaves.  Should I leave these to grow over the winter, or cut them down as I will do with my year old plants? And will they be ok to stay in an unheated greenhouse over the winter? 
Any advice would be greatly received!



Where did you plant them, Hayley? They would be better off in the ground, cut back in winter, mulched for protection, transplanted into the asparagus bed next spring.


I grew mine from seed, later in the summer as you have done. i left mine in their pots, I cut off the ferns when they died back and i protected the pots during the colder periods with fleece around the pots and under a smaller tunnel on the staging.

Thanks both. They are currently in pots on staging, is where I was intending to leave them until the spring. Then I was planning to move them to the bed. By the sound of what you have said, that should be ok?!

Sounds fine. I prefer them in the ground, that's all. The only time I used pots, the pots weren't big enough. I was a dill.




If you want spears (in 2 to 4 years time) you will have to put them in the ground. If you are growing them for just the ferns(for cut flowers use)then they will be quite happy in a large pot.

I am growing for spears, so was going to plant out in spring.

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