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My asparagus is showing absolutely no signs of growth - has anybody else got the same problem?

Lesley Cardiff

I sympathise - planted new crowns last year and nothing showing so far - had a dig around and absolutely nothing.  Just ordered new crowns to start all over again!

Hi Lesley

My asparagus would have been four years old now and I was really, really looking forward to picking lots!

I'm going to wait just a little longer before getting new crowns.


muddy mare

Mine is now shooting thank goodness was getting a little worried last week it being so dry so fertilized with q4 and watered thourghly its an old bed so quite pleased


Whereabouts are you Lizzie?  Hopefully yours is delayed by the cold but will appear soon 


Lesley Cardiff


I hope you are lucky, but if you need to get new crowns, I can recomment Kent Asparagus - my new crowns delivered today and quality is excellent.

Fingers crossed for your crop.

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