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Steve Worthing

I grew some standard aubergines from seeds, some in a raised bed (partly shady) and some in pots (full sun)

Both lots produced nice big healthy plants, but took ages to flower and then fruit never appeared. From a total of about 10 plants 1 grew 1 aubergine

I fed them as soon as the flowers came out and continued to do so.

Anyone have any tips or ideas of what i did wrong?



Steve, I understand that Aubergines need a long, warm Summer and plenty of sunshine, not shade. I've only grown them twice and had them in the GH until mid summer and then outside. I got some fruit but nothing of any decent size. Flowers were lovely. You don't feed them until you have fruits on the plant.

Steve Worthing

Thanks Kef,

Ah i fed them to soon (thus the lovely plants )

I will keep them inside for a bit longer next time, i have a south facing patio which hopefully should be warm enough for them. The strange thing is the 1 fruit i did get was from a plant in the shade??

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