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Can anyone help me find out what is eating my aubergine leaves. There are no holes so assuming it isn't flea beetle. What ever is eating it is eating all round the edges until no more leave is left. It's in a mini greenhouse with PVC cover. I have put pots of marigold all round it but this morning more of the leaves had been eaten. I'm worried it might start on my pepper and tomatoe plants next which are in the same grow bag

Caterpillars are the most likely as that is the way they feed.  Look for any leaves which are folded or bunched together, as caterpillars often do this (with silk) to make themselves a comfy home.  You may need to inspect all of the plants and beneath the plastic top of the growbag until you find the culprits.  Some types hide behind supports etc too in the daytime (tomato moth caterpillars are very good at that!)

Thank you for your help I will keep a look out. I've already poked about in any gaps and hiding places. Is there anything these caterpillars don't like?

Caterpillars usually stick to just a few types of plants, but may hide on any, so check your marigolds too.  The marigolds should keep away white fly though, which is the usual reason for growing them in greenhouses.  Another possibility is slugs, but they usually eat any parts of plants, not just around the edges of leaves.  Personally, I'd put a sprinke of organic slug pellets in there too.. 

Ok thanks



Lucy-could I suggest you go out after dark tonight with a torch and you might find the culprit having supper-a lot of these pests are nocturnal feeders,

Pleased to say no more leaf eating last night. Put more marigold round and some egg shells. So hoping this has worked
Just to say I found the culprit this morning. After finding more leaves eaten I decided to take my mini greenhouse apart. Found a snail tucked under the lip of the pot. So hopefully no more leaf eating on my plant

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