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What should I be doing about the multi very small weeds in my borders at this time of year please. Dig them in ?.hoe ? laborously pick them up by hand ? or not bother about them until spring?

You don't want them seeding. If they're annual weeds they seed quickly even in winter. a good mulch would sort them out


I use a hoe with a short handle and a head like in this photo. I kneel on a pad and hoe them and scoop them into my plastic trug. It's always risky leaving weeds. They may be established by spring. I hoe on my knees because I'm so cack handed and clumsy doing it standing up!




I hoe whenever I see them through the winter - in the spring you'll be busy and they'll sneak up on you and become established before you know it, so it's best to keep them at bay while you can 

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