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I purchased two azaleas from a supermarket and planted them last week, they are small and I  planted them in some azalea compost filled hole and watered them in. One looks fine but the other one (bigger of the two) the top leaves have turned brown. I don`t know if its frost damage or wind damage or something else ? One of them is fine so its confusing, also being from a supermarket I didn`t know whether I should of hardened them of before planting them out ?



It might be that they needed hardening off before planting out, if they'd been kept in sheltered conditions -or they might have  suffered a degree of neglect whilst at the supermarket, perhaps under or over-watering by non-gardening trained staff.  Or even watering with hard water rather than soft  

I think all you can do is wait and see if it survives now that the weather has picked up.

Good luck. 

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