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Hi, anyone out there know about birds? Just found a baby pigeon the size of a small adult though. It was under a bridge on a very busy main road and was trying to hide against a wall. It tried to fly but could only flap a foot off the ground. I picked it up and put it on a nearby hedge to get it away from the busy road and the risk of someone kicking it. Should I have just left it? I couldn't see any parent birds. Worried now that it won't survive alone or it's parents won't be able to find it. Are pigeons quite resilient? I hope so. Poor little thing.
Should be fine tootles, sounds like its fledged, but just needs to practice, it should be able to look after itself now, im sure mom and dad wont be far away, they have a contact call which allows them to find one another. Moving it out of harms way was good too, baby birds aint that bright!

Most likely its a fledging (as you say it was the size of a small adult) fresh from the nest and needed to work on its flying skills a little. Its parents will be nearby watching it and will have mostly likely returned the moment you disappeared.

You did the right thing.


hi Tootles,   Bekkie,s right ,no probs, no worries,

Thanks Bekkie, Clarington. That's a relief. The trouble with being an animal lover is that I worry tonnes when I see any animal at all struggling like that. It was such a busy road; 4 lanes. Do they have good hearing to hear the call above traffic noise? I hope it survives poor little thing.



Tootles - you'll find that city birds cheep a lot louder than country birds. They've evolved as it were to be heard over the traffic so I'm sure they'll be fine!

Tootles, please stop worrying, if its got to this size then its got a good chance of survival, you also have to remember that they are not all supposed to live, we would be overrun with them if they did
They have good hearing and exceptional eyesight, far better than ours. You have got him out of danger from humans, the rest is up to nature, be thankful you didnt find a baby, feeding all the time and waking at dawn is a pain in the butt!

Okie dokie. Thanks for that. I feel better now.  

Its true David, they (clever people) have also found that dolphins who live in busy harbours communicate more loudly- basically they shout!
Steve 309

It'll be eating your brassicas in no time!

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