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Don''t know about you,but I've had my worst year that I can remember with Impatiens. No sign of the dreaded mildew, they just  - haven't grown! If you didn't know better, to look at them, you'd say they've been ravaged by mutant vampire slugs! But they are all protected, all in different situations, some in borders, boxes, baskets, tubs etc. But all with the same problem - no growth! I've grown Impatiens for years and had remarkable success with them. But this year - nada, zilch, waste of time. Anyone else had the same problem? Incidentally , the New Guinnea Impatiens have still been fine, it's just the 'standard' ones which have given the problems

Tend to agree that, although apparently free of mildew now, impatiens do seem to lack vigour.  

I grow a few new guinea vsrieties .....cuttings every year......and they are very good.  However, they lack the charm and pure floriferousness () of the standard varieties. Also they seem to flower later in the year.....mine have flowered for a month or so.

It should be a good year for impatiens......if grown in the shade.  Don't  like squashing plants in together but the odd white tucked in bare spots in the shade look good I think  or, conversely, a bed of them (that's exactly what I plan to do for next year somewhere now I've thought about it.....7 or 9 white new guinea impatiens interspersed with jap blood grass)

I used to have a raised bed with a mass of Impatiens, which grew into a huge mound of colour. Luckily I didn't plant it with them this year, and I think I'll be giving them a miss completely next year. Shame really, because they used to be such a reliable and trouble free plant.

Orchid Lady

I thought it was just me!! Mine have grown quite well but have only just stated flowering, absolute rubbish!! I don't think I'll grow them again but I do like busy Lizzie's so not sure 

That's the beauty of these forums, Orchid lady. We just assume we've made some kind of mistake in our growing methods, until we come on here, and find out that maybe  we're not as bad a gardener as we thought! It's the pesky breeders that aren't getting it right! They push out plants with glowing reports as to the promise of wonderful things to come, often accompanied by computer-enhanced photographs ( a particular hate of mine), get the money and often leave us with a bitter taste in our mouths. Quality varies tremendously, one batch of Impatiens plugs which in all fairness I bought from a national company more famous for their bulbs, was horrendous, with a survival rate of about 20%, compared to a competitors rate of 99%. I wont be dealing with them again! So it's all very short sighted on their part


Orchid Lady

Here you go, as you can see my Lobelia has done well and I must have half a dozen max flowers on the Impatiens.

Very true what you say Scuby and as a newbie it's quite reassuring to know that maybe it isn't me.


Almost lost the impatiens in the hot weather. Lots of buds. Gets morning sun otherwise in shade on north facing wall

Orchid Lady

A few more of mine have come out after the rain today but not many 

 Flora rosa

 Mine's just starting to flower finally ! Planted up in May ...... But a beauty 


A lovely deep pink Flora rosa, and a nice shape too 

Orchid Lady, have you grown yours from seed/cuttings? I found last year that my cuttings didn't do well, good leaf growth but few flowers. Mind, that could have been me - new to taking cuttings! This plant was part of a patio collection, so standard colour I think.

Orchid Lady

Mine were grown from seeds, I think they are just an annual type.

The type Sunpatiens is a massive improvement. If they are protected from frost they just go on and on flowering.

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