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09/08/2013 at 09:34

It is very foolish to feed foxes or badgers.  They are wild animals and should not be encouraged to look to humans for food.

09/08/2013 at 09:45

Surely one could say that about wild birds too, but think of the pleasure people get from watching them.

09/08/2013 at 10:02

Welsh onion yes they are wild animals but the winbeen was very harsh they only get fed when times are hard... And types we do love watching them but would never o near them... 

09/08/2013 at 10:34

Was the winbeen harsh, Stacey? Nasty that.

09/08/2013 at 14:38

If you tempt wild animals into your garden they may lose their fear of humans which makes them vulnerable. They may be tempted on to roads where they will be run over. They may also raid hen houses and dustbins and bee hives.

And if you have hedgehogs in your garden it's curtains for them.

If they make a mess or cause damage someone will come on this board asking how they can get rid of the animal/animals.

09/08/2013 at 18:50

Lol waterbutts the spell change is horrid no here with the iPad!! I agree welsh onion that wild animals are becoming tamer.. The badgers i my garden have been using it as their route for 40 years I'm the temporary one!! 

25/01/2015 at 22:20

I have a badger problem, only started this year. These little loves have destroyed my lawn by digging it over every night, it now looks like the battleground on the somme. I tried a strong wire fence all way round but they have actually chewed large holes in the wire and still get in.

After reading above I think I will be shopping for scotch bonnet chilies tomorrow.

Watch this space....!!!

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21 to 27 of 27 messages