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I have badgers coming into the garden digging up the lawn. They are looking for chafer grubs to eat.  I know that I need to get rid of the chafer grubs, but until that works, the badgers are destroying the lawn. How can I stop them coming into the garden?


I know that badgers are very keen on peanuts - perhaps if you put a regular supply of peanuts elsewhere  they might forget about the grubs?


I'm by no means knowledgeable about badgers but I understand that if their regular route is through your garden you can't do much to stop them. They'll break through fencing if it's in the way as happened to my sister. Perhaps your local Wildlife Trust will be able to help.


hi maria as hubby works in a zoo where they have regular badger watches to which they charge ten quid to watch them,dam cheek i say if its there regular run you will be seeing them for a long time im afraid very teretorial but they love peanut butter smeared on a log or a fow sandwhiches he said as long as you feed them they eventually wil leave your lawn alone so stock up on peanut butter.

you need to fence them out of the area and put down metal fence in soil arount boarder of fence to keep them from digging under. if this does not work you will need to use live animal traps to catch them and relocate them. As for grub I spray castor oil mix to make them taste bad to badgers.




when all said and done they were here first,do i take it you dont like them.

thegreatgardener wrote (see)

you need to fence them out of the area and put down metal fence in soil arount boarder of fence to keep them from digging under. if this does not work you will need to use live animal traps to catch them and relocate them. As for grub I spray castor oil mix to make them taste bad to badgers.


You need to have a licence to trap badgers in the UK!!!

And do I understand you to mean that you dig up the chafer grubs and spray them with caster oil???? 

Gary Hobson

I regularly have bagers cultivating my grass for me.

In my case it has nothing to do with cockchafers. They are looking for worms. These badgers have a strong preference for grass on shallow damp soil, where worms are near the surface and easily found.

They also love to excavate the undergroud nests of wasps or bees. Last Summer a badger excavated a foot-wide hole in my garden to get at a nest. I covered the hole over. The fellow came back the next night, and I managed to get this photo...

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Badgers are fine in the wild, but can cause a lot of damage in a garden. I will get some peanuts and see if that does the trick.

Good luck! Very, very hard to balance a tidy garden with local wild life. Especially if you wish them no harm. My daughter is a new gardener trying to resurrect a neglected garden and has realised that badgers are visiting regularly and damaging her efforts. But is also excited by occasional sightings at dusk. I personally don't think any form of feeding wild animals is the answer. Live and let live.
Gary Hobson

I'm inclined to think that putting down peanuts will simply encourage badgers, and other animals, to use your garden as a regular feeding station.

How many peanuts would you need to put down, so that a badger, and his wife and kids, would be fully satisfied, and do no further foraging - a few handfuls?

Peanuts are not cheap. Do you really want to commit yourself to such an experiment, indefinitely.

That is exactly how I feel. I don't think we should interfere with wildlife in this way

Scotch bonnet chilli's finely chopped and scattered around your lawn should stop badgers digging.One sniff of those and away they go.We had the same problem for years.....this method did the trick for us.Badger free.


I don't have badgers Sylvia - but I think I'll remember your tip - I suspect it might work as a harmless deterrent for quite a few pesky creatures. Might even try it down the vole / mice holes which have suddenly cropped up in my raised veggie beds!

We were woken last night at 2am by a badger and when my husband went to investigate it turned out he was digging up a bumble bee nest. So frustrating as we've been trying to do our bit to help the bees out!

Just wondering if you think it's ok to fill in the hole he dug? it's right at the top of our garden steps so not exactly inconspicuous!


Chili sauce - the really fiery stuff - works on rats. We lived in a rented semi basement flat once and a rat had decided to come in under the floorboards and live with us. Every night it scraped a bigger and bigger hole in our skirting board. Landlord not interested. Chili sauce applied to the edges of the hole - wait - scrape, scrape....... Nothing ever again.

I live near open fields, there is a lane at the bottom of my garden which I have a fence with concrete boards under the panels. I have a big problem with badgers. The badgers here jump a 6 foot wooden fence which has a wire fence on the back, they dig under the concrete boards & my lawn is got loads of holes from digging, they broke fence panels between my next door neighbours & me. they have jump the gate which has wire on the back of it. I have two cats and I need something to stop the badgers coming in and the cats will be ok. don't get me wrong, the badgers look lovely animals but I am feed up of them detroying my garden, so is my neighbiurs

Wait for DEFRA to come and give you a hand.


Ha, Ha, Ha, don't you know, everybody loves badgers, except those nasty selfish farmers who object to their herds of cows being destroyed.  And the hedgehogs, of course.

Stacey Docherty

 Badgers attacked my compost heap earlier in the year...... Perfect opportunity to empty it onto the beds and relocate the compost heap!!! Badgers do love love love peanuts and yes they are expensive... I used to save stale bread and give them peanut butter sarnis!!