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Need a bit more to go on Bev!

Get rid of it.  Try digging it out......there will be long runners so clear ground thoroughly.  If not too much of it digging should work

Failing that.....if bamboo is lodged under paving or similar then spraying with high strength glyphosate and doing so with persistence is an alternative


Try dynamite!! Seriously though, I have found that there are 2 types (and perhaps even more). There is the `clump` forming bamboo and the `spreading` bamboo. It is the second which is the problem. It can spread over large areas and as Verdun says, it is very difficult to get rid of. Use whatever weedkiller you can lay your hands on after digging out as much as possible.

The clump forming variety just needs all the roots digging out as it will not spread.

Sorry bigolob, as far as I'm concerned ALL bamboos spread.  I went for the clump formers a few years back but noticed they spread alarmingly in my light sandy soil and even more so in the richer soil at the back.  now, they are all removed


Oh I love bamboo and was going to get some for the garden. Sounds to me like I shouldn't start with it at all?

Bamboo can be a real thug, it puts out under ground roots which can go through walls, mine migrated into next doors garden. I agree with Verdun try glyphosate but also after cutting down pour it into the cut bamboo stems. Each time a new shoot appears try to pull it up with as much root as you can.

Good luck.


Verdun is 100% correct. Even clumping Bamboo bolt when they feel like it, yes even Fargesia. The worst is P.Nigra which behve for years then send out runners over and underground!


Must be the clay here that restricts them, but I've no probs with clump ones and nigra needed encouragement to grow. Had it 7 yrs. Someone posted a while back that if they flower, usually after about 7 yrs they die. Not often I'm right but might be wrong again so I'll  keep my eye on it blairs.  

KEF, they tend to go deep and then suddenly pop up a few metres away.  I suspected this so dug up a bamboo after a year growing.  I wanted to see its habit.  It's roots were "secretly" invading underground.  I did the same with an artemisia I gambled on. Same habit so up it came.  The roots still came up a year later. 


Verdun, I won't have anything left in my garden..Sumach went & now Bamboo under scrutiny

over the years I've put a few plants in that are described as good ground cover or good spreaders. well I learned the hard way. Persicaria and Achillea The Pear are still rearing their heads.

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