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Hello the leaves on my banana plant have recently started turning yellow. the plant is in the conservatory and has been there quite happily all through the summer. It is in a large enough pot for its size - the plant is roughly 4 feet tall and two years old. It is still producing new leaves but the yellowing seems to be spreading. The pot is not over watered. Any advice gratefully accepted. Thanks.


The plant may have exhausted the nutrients in the pot. Try giving it a nitrogen feed and see if the condition improves

Hi Mattbeer. That's fantastic, thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go.

I find that at this time of the year the start to close down for the winter and save energy. last year my sikkimensis had just the one leaf on all through th winter then started to shoot in the spring which then i moved it to a bigger pot with plenty of extra food and it has done very well this year.


Check the roots also, it could be pot bound. Bananas tend to have big root systems I believe.



The bottom leaves naturally die back to form the pseudo-stem. The advice on feed is fine but the sunlight levels are rapidly diminishing and you need to be careful not to overwater in winter (yellowing is also a sign of too much water) or you will rot the banana.


I would also not pot up now as it will not grow enough between now and winter and overpotting invites rot if overwatered.

Hi Blairs, thanks for the advice. I'll check for the overwatering too.

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