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15/06/2013 at 18:29

Also just wanted to add that so far i have been pleased with the verve compost.  it is fibrous and twiggy, but i sieve it if planting seeds in propagation trays so this removes the wood.

I filled my raised bed with 15 bags of the 125L ones and everything ive planted has grown well with the exception of garlic, but that might be more down to planting times.  i started garlic at the same time inside on a warm'ish window sill witht he same compost and they grew fine.

I have started buying compost from local GC;s but for large bulk in my planters and bed where i needed several bags its too expensive to use "the good stuff"

15/07/2013 at 19:18

Just found this thread, after searching for B&Q compost problems.  We bought two growbags and the toms just stopped growing and went brown - the same happened to relatives the other end of the country.  It's clearly not fit for purpose under the sale of goods act, as growbags should have at least some nutrients in - that's the point of them.  I'm going to send photos to B&Q and get my money back.

12/04/2014 at 19:26

for the very first time my young plants are doing disatrously. Particularly my cucurbits. Every year they grow wonderfully. Last year I used B & Q's verve and was very pleased with it. However this year there were bits of plastic and big pieces of what looked to be fencing panel wood. Is it a coincidence that my plants are performing so badly? I dont think so

12/04/2014 at 20:05

It is such a shame that compost can be so variable, even from the same supplier. I had been using B&Q Verve and was pleased with it but the last lot I had was terrible. I tried another brand from the local garden centre and that was even worse, I may as well have bought a bag of bark!

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141 to 144 of 144 messages