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Any ideas as to how to encourage my Fig tree to fruit? it's 5 years old growing against the south side of my concrete garage with its feet in a pile of rubble (It was sugested when i bought it that I restrict the root growth to encourage it to fruit!) but it just gets bigger and more beautiful every year. its now about ten feet high and six feet across

I think you prune figs at this time or even later to produce fruit. Summer pruning produces growth....I think. That's how I did it anyway and it worked for me. I have just started growing figs again. Your fig is happy just to grow so pruning hard now is my choice.

Thank you verdum, I shall have a go. What would you say? reduce each branch by about a third?

Yes one third or even more to buds. Figs are tough it's just the embryo figs that are vulnerable to frost so don't be afraid to prune.

Remember if you cut back the shoots you are cutting off the embryo figs for next year.    At this time of the year they are in the leaf axils right at the top of the branches.  Do look before you cut!  And then look again!


Welsh onion is right but this will always be the case when you prune.....and you do need to prune sometime. Rosad1 I think you should prune now will encourage your plant Imto fruiting mode

thankyou people, I shall bight the bullet and give my fig a haircut,


When you planted it out what did you do to restrict the root growth.?


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