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I have a large, Bay tree/bush in a pot - the new have been under attack, for the last 3 years, from very small white insects. The eggs are laid, in wispy white stuff and the edges of the leaves curl over and cover them. The only thing I can do is remove any leaves I see that have curled over, if I delay the eggs hatch into small white insects.

How can I prevent the eggs being laid?


They sound like Mealybug. You can spray with a horticultural oil which will suffocate them. I usually clean them up by hand.

Alina W

Or could it be bay sucker? Have a read here.


Could be, Alina. The wispy white stuff said Mealybug to me. I see it on bays here.


I agree Alina - I have had them on my Bay Tree

Pam LL x


Many thanks answered my questions today when faced with a load of those horrid things...hadn't noticed till I went to prune my bay!!  Thanks a mill!

Sorry was actually Alina who identified my problem...thanks Alina!! Sorry to have confused things..... I am suffering from gardening overload...and maybe second glass of wine syndrome! 

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