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Hi All,

I have a little bay tree in a pot. It's been there around three months or so, and is around a foot tall. It has been putting on new growth, with large pale green leaves. Just today, those leaves started to curl. It was a very hot day, but the plant was well watered.

Any suggestions as to what might have caused that, and how it can be fixed?

Thank you!


Thanks Buddyboy,

No sign of any insects.


A photo would help. 


It's getting dark now. I'll post one tomorrow.


Thanks, and sorry for the delay. I'm attaching a couple of snaps here. Actually, the curl has much reduced over the last couple of days. Buddyboy, I thought they liked it pretty damp? I was wondering if it was the heat, as their straightening out after a day or three that has been much cooler.



Thank you!

I'll maybe ease back on the watering a bit too then.


Bay trees need well-drained soil and hate soggy roots - over-watering can cause problems.  Let it dry out a bit.  

jackie kenyon

  Hello, I am new to this site, could anyone tell me when is the best time to trim a bay tree. Mine is about 8ft tall and around 4ft wide. its growing really well but suffered one side getting wind burn. many thanks.

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