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Having finally persuaded Bloke to get rid of what I can only describe as a gloomy grove of hulking great scale infested bay, he's happy to fell them himself, but of course there are the roots/ stumps to deal with. There is limited but possible access for a stump grinder, but I was wondering if anyone has any alternative ideas? When they've gone, he wants to grass over the cleared area.

I'd go with the stump grinder, lot of digging otherwise. Might have to top up the soil when that lot's gone. 

We inherited quite a big one here - I cut the top off leaving a tall stump Our builder said he'd shift it and rocked it back and forth a bit and it came out of the ground. The roots were shallow and not too big. He took it home for firewood bit his wife has made h plant it down the bottom of the garden - we are awaiting developments

I had one removed last year. A guy came with a stump grinder, but after he had gone I had to dig out lateral roots with a mattock and pruning saw. bays can produce suckers so I didn't want to take any chances. I then sowed grass seed (it was mid August) and within 6 weeks it was all greened over. The best time to resow is mid August, or right now. If you leave it till May it could be too hot for good germination. 

Oh this is sounding like it might not be such a massive job then..hopefully! It's already suckered, hence the grove.

We both have log fires, so the trunks will be put to good use. I guess it'll be a chainsaw job, then see if a bit of applied muscle might do the job.

And I'll pass on lawn seed sowing info, Goldilocks, might persuade him to get on with the big chop ASAP!

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