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I do not recognise what is wrong with this shrub.  It is a bay but the leaves have developed brown patches.  Can anyone advise please?

flowering rose

I don't know but it looks like lace wings have attacked it or some sort mould.

Thank you.  How does one get rid of this if it is lace wings? 


It could be Bay sucker, the damaged areas dry up and turn brown.  Leaves may also curl up.  You may find small nymphs on the underside of the leaves. There is no cure, just remove the affected leaves.


Lacewings are great predators of greenfly etc. but they don't eat plants. Where do you keep your bay Penny - is it indoors?



It looks more like leaf miners burrowing through the leaves.


I wondered if it was overwatering as well, rather than just insect/disease damage nut, although it does look like a leaf miner type of damage. Pic doesn't enlarge well enough to get a good look though,so hard to tell. Didn't think leaf miner went for bay either.

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