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I have 2 bat trees in pots, which are very healthy. They are producing bandied from the bottom of the stem. Can I take cuttings of these?
Sorry, should have read Bay trees
Also babies not bandied

Suckers are usually the best way of propagating bays. Certainly more reliable than cuttings. Dig them out carefully with some root attached and treat them as you would any other cutting.

Thank you Italophile, I will try.


flowering rose

I have grown bay tree cuttings.Take a heel of woody bit of the tree and put in pot to the side.leave for ages and don't over water.IT is successful when you lift the leaf and it does not want to come with you.take care when re potting or planting main plant was a small pot plant it is now a well established tree living in heavy clay and surviving the coldest weather .

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