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can anyone tell me what is eating the leaves on my bearded Iris, I did think it was slugs but there is no silvery trail or anything to sugest its slugs.Then I thought it may be vine weavle but the leaves look like lace all over not just round the edges.It is only on the new leaves that are shooting up. can you help please.

Has anybody got any sugestions on my question please? I am desperate to find out what is doing this to my Iris as it wont be long before the flowers come out and I dont want them ruined as well, 

Sue 2

Probably slugs or snails. Put some grit round them & cut back anything with overhanging leaves that they can drop off onto your iris's or use slug pellets.

thanks Sue, I have done this and now waiting to see if it is slugs or snails.

Sue 2

Hope it helps. If not try a general purpose insectiside. Vine weevil will leave small holes in the leaves. If its that you'd need to use Provado. Good luck.


thanks Sue, had no more holes appear as yet but the ground is so dry probaly wont see any more till it rains.


I've got the same problem with eaten leaves and no evidence of slugs -  now find that the flowers have been eaten inside the buds - just left with empty cases! I know the iris are overcrowded but was leaving them 'til autumn to divide. Any advice?

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